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Thank you for providing such great insight and perspective! June, 2015, Michael, I can not thank you enough for what I consider your continued support. One year ago, I stumbled across your website searching for answers to questions on how to get off to the right start - On my own. . thanks for providing such fantastic learning materials!May, 2017, Michael was a phenomenal speaker. That's very helpful. uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. thanks for the inspiration! The stuff that gets forgotten or left off an estimate because it is “to small to worry about” are the things that remove your profit from the job. May, 2014, I somehow came across your original book and have kept it until the pages have worn and in some cases fallen out! Thank you! Thanks! Looking back, there's no question I would have gotten it wrong enough that the probability of success would be low.June, 2017, I am SO thankful for Michael's materials. I would end up doing a beautiful job that they didn't pay for and hurting my self financially but most importantly mentally and emotionally. “There is no way he (the contractor) could not know what we wanted.”, I bit my tongue, almost in two. . June, 2014, I'm on your MarkupandProfit newsletter list, a member of Construction Business Owners Group on LinkedIn, and I've purchased other products from you in the past, ie: Fast Track Estimating Software, and the Profitable Sales book. The responsibility for compiling accurate estimates for a construction company normally falls onto the shoulders of the salesperson. This year has been our best ever. I've honestly learned a TON.February, 2018, I read your emails every Wednesday, and they always educate me on how to run my small business.January, 2018, Just read your brief article about estimating. Construction Proposal Template allows you to create a customized proposal or contract for your construction or building project. After using your software and realizing how quick, easy and thorough my contracts were, I told my brother he needed to install it on his computer so he could do the same. I end this year very grateful for all your faithful influence over our entire operation. You should not attempt any kind of a construction estimate without a set of accurate plans. I use Eagle Eye Estimates. Our article above should get you started in the right direction. THANK YOU for ALL that you both do for the "good guys"!!! I will admit that I've been ready to give up for about a year. Thank you. December, 2012, Read your mark up and profit book last year and it is like talking to a good straight talking friend. Thank you, thank you thank you! The information was awesome and you helped me add to my list of things I want to be doing for the business.March, 2020, I've been with the company since the very beginning and we've been huge fans of your work! April, 2020, We appreciate your time, your years of experience and your desire to help people in our position. Even though they are about a different industry than I am in - the principle of each article always applies to all business including mine. . I know that I am further along on a successful path than I would have been without your resources. On behalf of my husband, son, and I, thank you so very much! The best move I made was coming across your business. Doing estimates by hand is slow, out of date, inefficient and an irresponsible use of time. It's extremely informative and does a great job pointing out where mistakes can be made when running a company and the proper steps to take to ensure a healthy and profitable business.February, 2018, Love the blog and what you're doing! Julz Jamali. This was my first webinar and shall not be the last! We are not going to “teach” construction estimating in this article, you won’t learn how to estimate a job in a short article. He has a great knack for understanding where people stand and I think he has helped many honest contractors go from losing money to having a decent life. Most builders prefer spreadsheets over more complicated estimating software. SIMPLIFIED ESTIMATE BY MAX FAJARDO. We are now more specialized and have systems in place that weren't previously there. With a little practice, you will be an ace at building material calculations. Plus I just purchased the estimating software about a month ago. March, 2020, I have been a massive fan of your valuable work since I first got in touch and took delivery of your Mark Up and Profit book many years ago. Not a month goes by when we don't haul out your big book and look up the answer to a question.July, 2019, Thank you for everything you do. You need to be back in front of your customers with a quote in 3-5 days, at most 7-10 days. April, 2018, I just wanted to say thanks for all you do. February, 2020, I’ve been a huge fan of CPR for years and I want to thank you for everything your company has done for the construction community. We have a LOT of work to do, but we are excited we finally have a direction and plan to follow.November, 2017, I recently finished the online Mark-up and Profit class and learned so much; we know we are not charging enough!November, 2017, As the saying goes "if I knew then what I know now" I would have read both books and attended this most valuable training class 11 years ago before I started my business. People will pay for that. Thanks for understanding how it is. “We don’t have any plans,” I was told by the owner, “we have conceptual drawings.” I asked if I could see them and was told the contractor had the drawings. If you are not up to speed on some type of computerized estimating system, it is time to change. Visit our Website: ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This article is an excerpt from Michael’s book, Profitable Sales, A Contractor’s Guide. Since that time, I have read from your blog roll everyday and purchased your book . January, 2017, Great course! but still new to contracting and running a business. . Year one will see all expenses paid, leave $18K in my personal account and $47K net in the business account. This training should be taught in college for anyone considering a career in construction. We've made so many changes (contract revisions, employee manual, draw schedule structure, calculated markup, updated website and now I'm navigating some marketing ideas. The Industrial and Commercial Division begins on page 308 and can be used to estimate costs for nearly all construction not covered by the Residential Division. That’s not a great way to cost your construction project. March, 2015, I am grateful to be subscribed to your emails. What an education! When Michael stated in the course he has been estimating since 1969, I said to myself, "Wow, he is a legend"! I am preparing to hire a sales person, and this should be of some help. If you will do what I ask you to do in the class, you will be able to estimate almost anything in residential work and a lot of the commercial projects as well, in any state. This process is known as takeoff — or material takeoff (MTO) — and is an essential part of the estimating process. Thanks Michael, but by doing that isn’t it going back to the old stick estimating. It was a fantastic help to me at a difficult time and I have always been grateful.March, 2020, Thank you for having such a wonderful event this morning! I love reading your weekly newsletters and to this day, I am constantly revisiting and reading your archived articles. July, 2020, One of the first things I did when I went out on my own was read Markup and Profit and those lessons have been a large part of why I'm still in business. September, 2012, Hey there - ordering the Estimating Training to complement the Fast Track Estimating software I purchased last week. in a contract) Leaving April 11, 2021, 7 nights on Royal Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale. I really appreciate the course. I awoke this morning with a renewed sense of priority. July, 2013, I am a huge fan! . I'm ordering the software to to replace a stick build one. Thanks for your work and tireless efforts to help contractors. I wish there were more like you both!!! He helped me, my brother and our company tremendously.May, 2017, Markup and profit has become my bible, just a fantastic book that is super easy to read and follow along...the fact that it is written in plain English by a contractor is huge!May, 2017, I am currently taking your estimating course. Should've bought FTE right out of the gate but more importantly, I should've read your books 8-10 years ago! What estimating book is very good for commercial building ?? Construction Estimating Formulas & Useful Information. What an awesome teacher. When you have everything accounted for that you are going to do in any one phase… Read more ». I really did appreciate the fact that he has made it his mission to help people at an extremely reasonable rate. I look forward to your newsletters as it always provides new insight on topics that are an issue and sometimes never talked about on the day to day business of things. It will not only help us to be successful in business but most importantly with family. Michael thank you for all the valuable information. I'm not a native to the construction industry. Bottom line: You are an excellent resource for builders in my opinion. . December, 2011. Although it felt like we got punched right in the gut, it was exactly what we needed to head into the right direction.October, 2017, Just a quick note to sincerely THANK YOU once again for sharing with me and all your wisdom. The year started off strong, slowed down in the summer and is now finishing with a big bang. May, 2019, Thanks for being an ally of "the good guys" in the remodeling industry. It has been of great value. I love Michael’s feistiness. Thank you. Jan, 2013, I have read Mr. Stones articles in trade magazines for years, have his book on Markup & Profit for several years, and just joined the online discussion group today. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Somehow, though, it made more sense to hubby when Michael said it…. Michael, with regard to employing the unit cost estimating method, can you provide some typical examples of what is meant by estimating “line items, or assemblies” for a multi-million $ commercial construction job? You must know how to apply the info in the book to the estimate you are doing and keep them current on a weekly basis. Looking for other construction reference manuals? Thanks for your efforts. thanks, you guys r great Now it's past time to learn more about selling. November, 2014, What a great resource your company is. Construction Proposal Contract Template. . October, 2015, We really appreciate the professionalism and standards you have established and taught over the many years in our industry. Thank you so much! I have been slowly working on incorporating the things I am learning. The construction estimating sheets includes formulas to track cost estimates, actual costs, variances, payments, and balances due. I've read both your books and taken a seminar and one online class. However, with knowledge of your GC and the owner, along with local building codes I am able to accurately get a material takeoff. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. In 90 days, your book will be as accurate as it is ever going to be, but you need to do this on a regular basis. March, 2018, Fast Track Estimating Program rocks! They are the foundation of my Construction business. April, 2020, You two make a great team, I truly felt the passion in your teaching and sharing. Attach a unit cost to each line item (assembly). Jan, 2013, I purchased the Markup & Profit book serveral years ago. Asap I am going to purchase a software estimating package. March, 2016, I have purchased some of your online courses and books which have been very helpful and packed with great information. Lucky for us, my boss stumbled on your materials early in this endeavor . I told someone that now I'm not just willing to continue, but I'm excited to implement things we learned - not only in the business but also in the home. . Great pointers, thanks so much!! I cannot thank Michael enough for this wonderful work! Michael 360-335-1100, Just did my GC exams ….learned nothin about estimating….so crucial…what is a affordable option for Their method of constructing a given project may be entirely different than the way you build your jobs. What We Believe I hope you'll fine. Thank you.April, 2017, I've been on your email list for many, many years. I only cringe now thinking how much money I have left on the table in the past 20 years. Download. List each sub-contractor that you will need. We will end up very close to the 8% net profit as suggested. Apply your markup, and you have a price. Thank you tremendously. . You are both truly a blessing and I tell as many contractors as I can about you guys!October, 2018, Thank you for the great newsletter this week. You can no longer take 10, 15 or 20 days to put an estimate together. CPR articles are frequently discussed during our Team meetings.February, 2020, Thank you for your support and help. . I already own the original Markup & Profit book. The print function in Simsol allows you to preview, print to a printer, or save as a pdf … no longer supports Internet Explorer. Then, while doing the job I would be working away taking way too long because of my picky nature. Again thank for being such a valuable resource for our industry. February, 2014, I so enjoy your articles and the sage advice provided. (And yes, the owner did take low bid on the job.). List all the hours that it will take someone to complete each portion. Change all instances of MCRP 3-17.7M, Construction Estimating, to MCRP 3-40D.12, Construction Estimating… I just don”t know many people that can estimate… Read more ». September, 2015, The newsletters are fantastic and we read them every time.

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