how many subs are on a subway platter

6. Subs also include lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and vinaigrette. 21 Portion Party Platter 42.00 Bread Cheese. How many sandwiches come in a Costco platter? There are Subway GO meals which consist of 1 sandwich, 1 cookie and a bag of chips. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Meat Flavors * Select up to 3. Choose your favorite Subway sandwiches served as four-inch portions on our freshly baked bread with all the trimmings. per sandwich Features smoked turkey breast, Bavarian ham, roast beef, Swiss cheese and sharp Cheddar American cheese blend. Platter consists of 16 x three-inch Subs - approximate size of individual Sub. Deluxe Platter. Subs also include lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and vinaigrette. 0 0. peggy b. Lv 5. This platter is perfect for birthday party, class meeting or secret gatherings. Worked at stores that have varied between 130ish units per day average, and 400+ units average (averaged over the year), highest I've seen was around 650 in a day but at the time platters only counted for one unit and we did a shit ton of platters that day too - not sure if platters unit value has changed since I worked at Subway. 9 years ago. Small Platter: $19.00 --Serves 4 - 6. The platters have all the stuffing and bread to make your own sandwiches. Look for Subway Sub of the Month deals or subway catering coupons to … Mini Pretzel Sandwich Platters. The options at our local Costco are listed below: Croissant Sandwich Platter (serves 16-20 ): $32.99. You can even build your own platter of tasty subs just the way you like. Additional information. Standard Platter. Always leave room for dessert, Especially when these platters of Freshly baked goodness are on the Table. Black Forest Ham. Subway Catering Reviews There is a general consensus among customers and food reviewers about Subway being a very good company when it comes to serving high-quality, healthy meals. Turkey. It depends upon your area. They sell sub sandwiches in 2 sizes, 6-inch and 12-inch, otherwise known as footlong. You can offer a variety of choices to your guests without buying a lot of ingredients, and you can easily accommodate limited diets. Still have questions? Subs loaded with our most popular combinations: provolone with ham and turkey, roast beef and turkey, or ham, Genoa salami, and pepperoni along with tuna salad. Check out Subway's full menu, including the latest menu prices for all their 6-inch and footlong subs, as well as their catering and platter menu and more. Regular: $27.00--Serves 10 r/subway: The unofficial subreddit for Subway sandwiches! SUBWAY is an international chain with over 40,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. All of the above platters can also be prepared as wraps instead of regular Subs for the same price. Giant subs platters, as the name implies, are large Subway sandwiches platters. Subway® Fresh Fit™ platter: $350 Featuring the Veggie Delite®, Black Forest Ham, Turkey Breast and Roast Beef. But news out of the Subway camp has us thinking otherwise -- there are apparently 37 million possible sandwich variations at the chain's nearly 38,000 locations. Wrap sandwiches are a perfect fit for party platters. and let you choose different types of breads. Select your SUBWAY® platters, side orders, desserts, and drinks and confirm the numbers; Only available at participating Subway® stores in Greater London and the South East. When choosing your ingredients, keep in mind that your guests will likely mingle and stand as they eat, so the neater the sandwich wraps, the better. Another great option is the Giant Subs option which offer 3 or 6 foot subs that conveniently serves 9-25 depending on the sub. I am pretty sure that the number of sandwiches on the SUBWAY SANDWICH PLATTER is 30. Serves 10. Made fresh to your order and piled with a wide variety of taste-bud-tempting deliciousness you’ve come to know and love. Get your answers by asking now. You can also add salads, cookies, drinks and crisps to your order. 12 pieces (Mix of flavours) : $72 24 pieces (Mix of flavours) : $138 36 pieces (Mix […] In my area you can get a regular size party platter that has twenty-one 4" portions for $35.99. A platter of tender meats and tasty cheeses, which they can use to build a tasty meal. We take 7 footlongs, put whatever type of meat you choose and whatever type of vegetables on it. Mini Pretzel Sandwich Salad Platter 280 cal. Ask in store for more details or go to Subway is a fast food chain which offers a variety of subs (6 inch long sandwiches) and footlongs (12 inch long sandwiches). Subway can feed you holiday weekend crowd with delicious Party Platters One of the latest additions to the Subway menu are Toasted Bites which are priced at £1.29 – these are available as Ham & Cheese, Steak & Cheese, Cheese or Tuna Melt. Subs include lettuce, tomatoes, onion, & vinaigrette, with mayo, deli mustard, & kosher pickles on the side. Order your favorite Jimmy John's sandwiches to cater your next business or special event! Cut the footlongs into 3rds and arrange on a platter. You can get any of the vegetables and condiments on the side. Choose between fresh baked bread or our tasty wraps. Party Boxes, Box Lunches and Mini Jimmys® are totally customizable. How to order. When it comes to Subway sandwiches, we always thought that if you find a variation that works for you, stick with it. How many portions are in a Giant Sub? – 20–25 people: Four sandwich platters, two meat & cheese trays, 6-foot Giant Sub* or SUBWAY to GO!™ meals (one per person). Ask Question + 100. They usually allow you to make alterations to your sandwiches by means of bread, vegetables, sauces, etc. A great way to offer variety for your gatherings. Italian B.M.T, Chicken Ham, Bulgogi Chicken, Roast Beef, Tuna. Made fresh to order on our fresh-baked bread, using hand-sliced meats and fresh veggies. Don’t forget to make it a meal with drinks, sides and desserts! The Giant Sub option includes subs that can be as long as 6 feet, each of which can feed a maximum of 25 people. 20% Off Subway Coupons & Promo Codes Dec 2020. 0 0. You can order a party platter from Costco! Serves 10. Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance. Each Platter contains 15 four inch sub, serve 5 - 9 pax Veggie Delite™ platter: $350 A Vegetarian platter with a mixture of delicious Subway® produce on freshly baked bread topped with our recommended sauces. Subway Meat & Cheese Platter $ 43.99. Sandwich Platters Perfect for meetings or just back with friends. Mayo, mustard, and pickles are on the side. Also, this is for a casual picnic so there will be other foods available to eat with the sandwich - - green salad, pasta salad, macaroni salad, potato salad - - as well as chips/pretzels and dessert. These are one of the most popular Subway party platter menu, and there are two different options to choose from. Contains 15 or 21 portions. Not available with double meat, extra cheese or … A Subway Party platter feeds approximately 10 - 12 guests. 6-inch Subway menu prices are very affordable, but the footlong subs are a better value. Ham and Pizza Subs are the favorite for many kids. Mayo, deli mustard, and kosher dill pickles are on the side. $10 off Subway Coupons & Specials (Sept. 2020) $10 off (3 days ago) Subway specials help you eat healthy and eat fresh by providing six-inch or $5 footlong sub deals in flavors like ham, turkey, italian or cold-cut. If you are looking for a catering menu, you can view Subway catering prices here. they put 6 footlongs on a platter but they are cut up on the tray. You can either have a 36 inch long sandwich that can feed 10 to 12 people or a 72 inch sub … By choosing Subway, you will be sure to get great-tasting and fresh sandwiches that your guests will definitely enjoy. Each Subway ® Platter consists of 16 conveniently sized Three-inch Subs making it perfect for meetings or group meals. The Flavor Craver – this is a wonderful platter made of the Subway Club, roast beef, spicy Italian, Italian BMT and turkey breast and black forest ham sandwiches. Salads, sides, and even desserts are also available. Serves 10 to 12 people. The platters are available in categories such as classic combo platter, flavor craver platter, Subway fresh fit platter, meat & cheese platter, and toppings platter. Upgrade any Platter to a Platter Pack: Any Sub Platter plus gallon beverage, Lay's Classic® chips, cookies, plates, and napkins. Subs stuffed with provolone and your choice of premium deli-quality meats. SURF & TURF® Platter: Featuring the Seafood Sensation®, Subway Club®, Tuna, Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham. We'll feed as few or as many as ya need! per sandwich Subway ® Platters are ideal for social/business events where you have more than one mouth to feed! Subway catering prices aren’t too expensive as they offer various selections such as sandwich platters, giant subs, boxed sandwiches, and dessert trays that make food planning quite simple and quick. The Fresh Fit – try Subway’s lite version with the Veggie Delite, black forest ham, turkey breast, Subway Club and the turkey breast sandwiches. A mixture of your favourite Flavours include Chocolate Chip, Oat & Raisin, White Chip Macadamia Nut, Raspberry Cheesecake & Double Chocolate! Subway Menu Prices in Canada Published by Felix The Price Man on November 2019 November 2019 Party Platter. Available Items: CLASSIC COMBO Platter:Featuring the Cold Cut Trio, Roast […] Roast Beef. There are 18 portions in a 3-foot Giant Sub* and 36 portions in a 6-foot Giant Sub*. The Sandwich Platter offers a variety of different sandwich meat platters and the option to customize your own platter of up to 5 different flavors. So it’s ideal to get the children something they really like that is also healthy. There are over 35,000 subway restaurants in over 100 countries worldwide. Available in two sizes: Small and Regular. SUBWAY® Veggie Platter Price: £18.00 £21.60 Deals Subs and Salads Signature Wraps Kids' Pak™ Platters Treats Snacks Sides Drinks (Platter serves 10) Deluxe Sub Platter: $49.99: Features larger servings of our most popular combinations: provolone with ham and turkey, roast beef and turkey, or ham, Genoa salami, and pepperoni. At first I was thinking "plenty of people eat the subway footlongs" so the answer should be 6, but I think a typical 6ft sub is wider than a subway sandwich so it should feed more than 6. Examples of this include any 6” Meatless or Meatball Marinara sub for £2.99, 2 can dine for £6.99 and/or a Footlong Sub and drink for £4.99. 20% off (4 days ago) Popular catering options include three and six foot long subs, boxed lunches, and sandwich platters. Subway Catering Prices - Fast Food Menu Prices $29.99 — 24 sandwiches, serves up to 24 $44.99 — 36 sandwiches, serves up to 36 Mini Pretzel Sandwich Meat Platter 210 cal.

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